What a lovely meditation on blogging:

And in that one post, there is a triple-whammy of all my favourite things. An excuse for not writing. An announcement of a new blog design.2 And a promise of loads of posts to come, which never happen. Most people only manage two of those things in any given blog entry, so that’s quite an impressive achievement.


OK, enough of all that. There is a particular reason why I didn’t link to the actual blog posts which I quote above. Because this isn’t really meant as a specific criticism of this particular person. Far from it. I see this kind of thing everywhere.

You know the type. The kind of person who only blogs about not blogging. Or the person whose redesign will finally make them want to blog, if they ever finish it. Or the person who does actually launch their new design… and then their blog languishes, never to be updated again. Well, until the next redesign, anyway.

All ways of writing a blog, without actually writing a blog.

Pairs well with this thread: