Hmm. I quite like this working in seasons idea. As I shift more towards an independent model where I’m able to dictate my schedule a bit more (vs clients dictating it)….

Seasons & Work

When I look at the last eight years since I started working, one theme that stands out is how my work seems to move in seasons.

I typically go through some significant work shift or change around the end of the year or the beginning of the next. A bit under a year ago I was stepping out of Growth Machine and starting on my rapid career sampling.

The year before that, it was diving into Roam and creating the course as well as opening the Cafe (ouch).

Before that in different years it was starting Growth Machine, starting my current blog, starting my first startup, getting into content marketing, starting my first blog… it’s always around that time.

Spring and into Summer are also often characterized by an intense focus on some project. Last year that was getting Growth Machine through COVID. This year it was learning programming.

In the fall, I tend to be less productive. Not sure why. Maybe it’s a relic from school starting and me resisting doing anything related to school until the absolute last minute. Whatever the source though, it tends to be a slower season.

I rather like this ebb and flow. Six to nine months of focused output, a period of rest, a period of reflection and planning, then another push forward.